Just dropping a quick note to all my kiting friends to say I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoy ringing in the new year.
The year 2005 has been a good one for sportkiters. It’s my hope that 2006 continues to see our sport grow what with Tricks Party increasing it’s influence on sportkite competitions and with all the new sportkite designs rumored to be springing from the minds and drawing boards of the many kite designers across the globe.
Those that have enjoyed my turorials should expect a few more in 2006 so I hope you will be patient with me as I: 1. get the time to put them together and 2. learn new tricks to add to the tutorial list. Just remember that I’m certainly no expert with tricks but am only a sportkite flyer with some skills, a DV cam, an editing program and a bit of time.   It’s simply been great fun to do these and to hear of successes some have had learning these tricks! Just remember, not only learn them but get proficient with them. I need to pay heed to my own words here.
OK, I’ll hush. Drop me a line or comment if you wish. I like to hear from other flyers that pop in to see what is going on.
God bless!