The process has begun to translate my tutorials into both French and German. Look to the right for the first two  corrected copies of earlier translations of the Flapjack and Double Rollup tutorials.
Please be patient as this will take a while. Our good friend Roger Tessa-Gambassi of R-Sky Kite Solutions has inspired us to proceed with this very arduous task and another of our good friends Alain Gignon is working with some folks to get the translations completed. Thanks to these guys or this project would never happen.
This, and another large kite video project, will delay the development of new tutorials. In time, there will be more but I believe the delay will be worth it!  
Check back in the coming weeks for updates to the list.
3/10/06 Update: The Flapjack tutorial text has been corrected and the Rolling Susan translation has been completed and linked to the right.