It’s been what seems like a long wait but finally, today, I received my Collector Edition Nirvana (Number 4) and Krystal FX (Number 3) from Gone With The Wind Kites These come complete with the new Icone rods which look amazing.
I got to the field for a bit of flying, video and photos today after work. Unfortunately the wind was not cooperating very much but I did get a few pictures which you can see above. There will be more pictures and impressions later as I get more time with these kites.
If you were lucky enough to get on this exclusive run of kites from our friends Roger and Sylvie at R-Sky, follow this link and register.
While I’m typing, there will be more tutorials coming in the next month or so. Now that we are nearly finished with the Tricks Party-USA trick videos, I will have some time to put a few more of my own tutorials together.
Stay tuned!
Good winds to you!