It’s been almost two months since my last addition so this time we’re learning the Inverse. I’m not quite sure why it’s named that but I’m guessing because it’s an "inverse" of the Rolling Susan. Whatever the reason, the Inverse is a neat trick and one that is fun to learn though I still find it difficult to groove at times.
For this video, we’re using an almost new Nirvana UL and a brand spanking new, teal Nirvana Standard I just finished framing prior to the start of filming for this tutorial. The UL has the stock frame and the Nirvana is all stock except for Icone White lower spreaders. Tail weight is 20g for the UL and 15g for the Standard. Both kites are equipped with the RTG (that’t our good friend Roger Tessa-Gambassi, btw ) Reverse Turbo bridle which I am testing now. Not bad…not bad at all!!
So, check out the Sportkite Video Tutorials section to the right for this lastest tutorial and be sure to check back soon as I am working on a couple more that should be up in the next few weeks.
All the best!