We are very pleased to announce…

Tricks Party South

…a three-round, two-day competition scheduled for March 17 and 18 in Huntsville, Alabama. The event is being organized and hosted by Keith Galeano, Allan Crow, and your’s truly! Both individual and pair TP competition will be run at this event (maximum 15 individuals and 5 pairs). The ballet program submission period will run from February 17 to March 10. No programs will be accepted after March 10.

We are extremely excited to be hosting Tricks Party South, the first event of it’s kind in the Southeastern United States and the second ever, 3 round Tricks Party event in the USA! We are also pleased to be the second Tricks Party Event in the USA to include the Pairs discipline.

We have secured one of the best inland flying fields in the Southeastern USA to hold the event and also have a strong judging panel in David Hansen (Head Judge) and Beth Bowen and Ari Contzius (Judges). The wonderful Stephanie Hiebert will be our Field Director. If you have not participated in a 3-Round Tricks Party event you HAVE to do it once in your lifetime. You won’t regret it!!

For more information, go to the Tricks Party USA website and check out the calendar at http://www.trickspartyusa.com/Calendar.asp for details such as Imposed Tricks, slots available, submission time frames, etc.

For registraton information, the registration form can be downloaded here:


Thanks for checking in!