Hello and thanks for checking in!
After much work and frustration, not to mention problems with the DV cam, I’ve now completed the revised version of the Yo-Fade tutorial. I had put together a tutorial on this trick a couple of years ago but frankly it was pretty weak. It’s one thing to get the kite to go to the Yo-Fade but quite another to tend the Yo-Fade and perform a proper, controlled exit. With this new, revised version we explore the trick in it’s entirety.
On a good day, this is still a very difficult trick for me. I count it as one of the more difficult tricks I’ve ever attempted. Part of that is due to the reverse rotation required and the very critical timing of inputs to make it go. I will also say that some kites perform this trick easier than others. Some are more forgiving with the required inputs than others as well. Aside from the kites in the video, the Krystal FX is very adept with the Yo-Fade. Those clips didn’t make the final cut. 😉
OK, enough from me. On to the video. See the section to the right entitled "Newest Tutorials Added" for the latest. I hope you enjoy and have great success learning the Yo-Fade!