It’s been way too long since I’ve added anything to the blog, particularly a video or tutorial. Looks like it will be a while as things haven’t been quite the same around the Greenway household for the last year or so. I’ve even got a great new kite in the Nirvana SE to use as the main subject. It’ll happen, eventually.
In the meantime, for all those that email me from time to time asking what song I used on a particular tutorial, I have put together a list that gives the song title and artist of each. I’ve listed them in no particular order and most can be found on iTunes or Garageband, probably.
OK, here goes:

Taz Machine – “The Fast Lane”  The b Foundation

Slot Machine – “Ghostwritten (Shanti Roots Remix)”  Bellcrash

Comete – “Crowd Chant”  Joe Satriani

Half Axel (First Edition) – “Blue Jean Blues”  Jeff Healey Band

Half Axel Revisited – “Make U Move”  Danielie Cotton

Hip Hop Half Axel Revisited – “Remix to a Remix”  Ronald Jenkees

Fade – “Reasons Why”  Nickel Creek

Cascade – “Angel Band”  The Stanley Brothers; “I’ll Fly Away”  Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch

Crazy Copter – “Sara”  Novel

Duplex – “Paper Moon”  Booka Shade

540    “Ripping Dancehall”  Big Bass Theory

Backspin Cascade  “Just Like Lightnin’”  Joe Satriani

Insane – “Órale”  Los Lonely Boys

Inverse – “Flirt”  Mindy Abair

Kombo  “Lord Raise Me Up”  Matisyahu

Multislot – “Godzilla”  Blue Oyster Cult

Two Pop – “Where R U Now”  blondeidea

Yo Fade (Revised) – “Hill Groove”  Joe Satriani

Rolling Susan – “Freequency”  Anime Project

Flic Flac – “Spiral”  Marc Pattison

Jacob’s Ladder – “All Alone”  Joe Satriani

Lewis – “The End is Here”  Alter Bridge

K2000 – “Dark Blue”  Marc Pattison

Optional Rollup – “Moonlight Café”  Marc Pattison

Double Rollup – “Bottom Feeder”  Marc Pattison


Not everybody likes my selections but I do. So there! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for all the nice comments!


Your friend from Georgia, USA!