I recently visited St. Augustine Beach, Florida, one of my favorite beach destinations, and had plenty of time flying on the beach. In particular I had several early morning light wind sessions with several of my SUL’s. I captured a bit of video and to the right you will find a video of my session with the most wonderful Next Up WW by R-Sky. Take a look and enjoy.
My plan was to create a video with less cuts (often required when filming from a tripod) and one where the beach and the ocean, along with the relaxed flying, would set the mood rather than an endless string of tricks strung back to back with no semblance of structure or definition. Maybe I achieved my goal…who knows. But to be certain, I had fun both with both the flying and the editing so it worked out for me anyway.
The kite flown was of course the Next Up WW in Icone produced by R-Sky. One of the best SUL’s I’ve ever flown. Without question the most trick-worthy, 2.4 meter SUL I’ve ever larksheaded to a lineset. The tricks just flow from Mr. Tessa-Gambiassi’s creation. Whether it’s Slots, Fades, Slides, Backspins…this kite excels when you might think it’d just flex it’s protest versus actually responding to your inputs.
Anyway, hope you enjoy and have a chance, particularly if you’re like me and don’t live near the beach, to "feel" the ocean if only just a little bit.